Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to share the private jet?

No, when you charter a private jet with Jet Escapes you and your guests are the only passengers on board.

Can we choose where we fly from/to?

Yes. There are around 70 airports in the UK and over 3,000 airports in Europe. Only around 10% of these are served by scheduled flights. There are some limitations with individual airports whether it being the length of the runway or the surrounding terrain, but we can advise on this.

When you fly by private jet you choose the most convenient airports for your departure and arrival to avoid lengthy journeys to and from airports.

Is there Airport Parking?

Complimentary secure parking is available at most departure airports for the duration of your holiday. At the majority of airports, parking is only a short walk from the aircraft and at some, if you have a driver, they can take you to the steps of the plane.

How many pilots will be on the aircraft?

Jet Escapes approved operators will always have two pilots operating a flight. If you are chartering a helicopter often one pilot is only used however, if available, the option for a second pilot (and the cost) can be added to your charter.

Will there be a stewardess or cabin attendant?

Not always. With many of the smaller jets there simply isn't room for a cabin attendant, you help yourselves to the on board catering. When an aircraft reaches a certain size (generally from super midsize jets upwards), a cabin attendant is included as part of the aircraft crew.

Will there be any catering on our flights?

Yes. Light VIP catering will be provided suitable to the time of your departure. Catering will typically include:

Breakfast (departures between 06:00 and 10:00): Croissants and pastries, fresh fruit, fresh orange juice, tea and coffee.

Other times: A selection of sandwiches, fresh fruit, meat and cheese platters.

A complimentary bar, soft drinks, tea and coffee are provided on all flights. For larger aircraft with a galley and cabin attendant, a selection of hot food will be offered.

If you have any special dietary requirements, just let us know and the catering will be adjusted to suit. If you have any special catering requirements or favourite drinks brands, these can also be arranged, but may carry a small additional cost.

Can I take my dog?

Yes, but with some restrictions. You may take pets holding a valid pet passport on flights departing from any UK airport. However there are restrictions on entering the UK with pets; they must fly on a DEFRA-approved carrier and to a DEFRA-approved airport and may require a visit to a local vet for booster vaccinations before your return.

Dedicated UK Pet Airports for your return flight
Leeds Bradford International
London Biggin Hill
London Oxford
London Stansted
London Heathrow

Some operators are happy for your pet to travel in the cabin, just being restrained on a lead for take-off and landing. Others prefer for your pet to travel in a carry cage. It is then at the Captain's discretion as to whether they are then allowed out of their cage and in to the cabin. As you would expect, if there are any 'accidents' on board, you will be responsible for the cleaning bill!

When do we need to 'check in'?

One of the huge benefits of flying by private jet is the lack of time-consuming departure procedures. You still need to take your passport with you, but there is no formal check-in and you can arrive as little as fifteen minutes before take-off. Depending on the size of your aircraft, you may or may not need to have your luggage screened, but this is done in the private terminal and takes a matter of moments on your way out to your plane – no big queues!

If you find you are running late please contact us as soon as possible and, subject to the schedule of the aircraft/slots, we will push back the departure time. However, clients who fail to arrive at an airport within two hours of their scheduled chosen departure time and who have not contacted us to advise of their late arrival, shall be deemed to have declared their non-use of the service and shall not be entitled to any refund or replacement service.

How much luggage can I take?

There are no specific luggage restrictions, though space is obviously limited and soft-sided luggage is preferable. Hold space varies between aircraft and there is no overhead storage in the cabin (so cabin baggage should be restricted to a size that you could comfortably place around your feet or on your knee). If you are planning to bring a large amount of baggage, please check beforehand that there will be sufficient space on your chosen aircraft.

Is there any in-flight entertainment?

Facilities vary between aircraft. Please ask if you have special requirements.

Is Opus Jets an aircraft Operator?

No. Opus Jets is a private jet broker and acts on behalf of aircraft operators.

What happens if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, technical problems
or Air Traffic Delays?

Thankfully over 95% of our flights completed have departed on time, however, in exactly the same way as when you fly commercially the weather, technical problems and air traffic delays can affect your flight plans when chartering an aircraft.

Weather: The Civil Aviation Authorities have many regulations concerning weather, types of aircraft and pilot capabilities. Landing an aircraft is the most critical skill for any pilot and landing conditions vary enormously from runway to runway - even from hour to hour. On the approach to an airport and preparing to land, weather conditions, altitude, surrounding terrain, wind direction and a whole host of other factors have to be taken into consideration for a safe and successful landing. This can sometimes mean that if the weather at your departure airport is fine, but it isn't at your arrival airport (or en-route), your departure may be affected.

The Captain of the aircraft has complete command of the flight and has sole authority before and during the flight as to the safe operation of the aircraft. He or she will not fly an aircraft if the weather conditions do not meet the standards of his or her certification or if any other factors affect the safe operation of the flight.

Technical Problems: As with any machinery, aircraft occasionally have technical hiccups or malfunctions. The safe operation of the aircraft is absolutely paramount and a flight will not be performed if the aircraft is not operating at 100% capability. If this happens, all best efforts to substitute your aircraft for a like-for-like plane will be made in order that you can depart on time or with minimal delays.

Air Traffic Control Delays: These are unfortunately completely out of our hands. The crew cannot depart until the go ahead has been given from ATC. If there are slot delays at your departure airport, en-route, or at your arrival destination, we will keep you updated and do our best to minimise delays.

If a flight is delayed for any reason we will use all reasonable efforts to assist you and provide you with the necessary advice. Please check our Booking Conditions for full details of what happens if your flight cannot operate because of bad weather or technical problems. By accepting these Booking Conditions, you agree to the authority of the Captain and the crew of the aircraft and the relevant regulations governing the decisions they make regarding the operation of your flight.

Am I covered by insurance to fly?

Yes. You are covered by the operator's insurance in relation to the operation of the aircraft on which you are flying. Passengers are covered under international law and the level of coverage varies depending on the operator. Please ask if you would like individual insurance policies for a particular aircraft.

This is not; however, the same as travel insurance and Jet Escapes recommends that you travel with a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place.